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William Dobie,Founder/Director of Sedna Systems

I've worked with Diego on my own mobility and health over the last couple of years with a really great impact on my own wellbeing. When Covid struck the first thing we worried about was our large globally distributed team and how they will handle being locked in at home both physically and mentally. As a highly remote company we were well familiar with video meetings, but video workouts we're new.
Diego jumped at the chance to help our team traverse the crisis by leading positive, friendly and energetic sessions with our Europe and Canadian teams. We're very pleased with the camaraderie and health developed. We even used it as a recruiting tool. We're fast moving at and the attitude of Diego and nMotion is just the same. Hire him!


I have been a client with nmotion for 5 years and have been provided a wealth of knowledge, encouragement and expertise.

I found it really hard to motivate myself to go to the gym after the children but the staff at nmotion helped me to set realistic excercise goals, and weekly weightloss accountability. My goals and success were truly invested in and we have become a team.

We have A LOT of laughs but I also get my butt kicked when I’m slacking or making excuses. My trainer always contacts me a few days before I come back from travelling to book in my next session to get me back on track, these little extras are what I need to stay on focused.

I’m now 39 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child and look forward to starting my personalised post natal journey at nmotion.

Habib Esfahanian

I started working with Diego at nmotion over 3 years ago at a challenging time in my life - both physically and mentally. And I will gladly say it has done me a world of good. Not only has nmotion helped me improve on myself all around physically but my mind has also benefited from the peace and wisdom Diego provides. Healthy mind in a healthy body - truly the spirit of nmotion.

Samir Amichi

Utterly life changing! I had tried other PTs in the past and it never lasted. The same one dimensional approach used in the fitness industry had led me to give up on numerous occasions. Since joining nmotion I haven’t looked back! This journey has shaped my life in so many ways; I have never been as fit, happy and peaceful. Thank you nmotion for welcoming me into your family and ethos!